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Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Ships from X-Men & Related X-titles

(Originally written and posted on a certain fan fiction site.)

For X-Men and related X-titles, canon couples/past couples/possible couples I enjoy and appreciate include (not in any specific order):
  • [Scott/Emma] idk, I loved them during Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, and when I tried to find out other people's opinions, it seemed like there are at least a great portion of fans that supported them as well. That being said, I however, have yet to find a lot of decent close 616-continuity based fanfics for them. Maybe it's just the searching and the site function, but it almost seemed like Jean is in every story for the couple. grrr.
  • [Sean/Emma] It was by total happy accident that lead me to this ship. Thank you fanfiction!! I went reading Generation X because of it (20th anniversary!). I hope that now Sean has been resurrected, fans would start shipping them again, as Scott and Emma currently has a relationship next to nothing.
  • [Piotr/Kitty] Used to adore them and was heart-borken about their breakup; but as I'm fairly unimpressed with Kitty's recent attitude/characterization, I'm open to what comes next. Don't care for [Piotr/Neena] , not sure if it was meant for long lasting so I'm not judging it yet; [Bobby aka Iceman/Kitty] was a total joke for me sorry, glad it seemed somewhat over? Would love to see Bobby and Angelica aka Firestar work it out instead.
  • [Logan/Ororo] Although Logan seemed to have a huge fan base, I think there's equally a lot of people that loath him and love to bash him, I was happy to see this ship this time happening more officially, but it seemed somehow very subtle comparing to other couples in comics; I've again yet to find many [RoLo] close 616-continuity based fanfics, would love to see some adventures about the headmaster and headmistress of JGS. I also seemed to find way more [Logan/Jean] fics on this site, that or [Victor aka Sabretooth/Logan] , and I actually dunno which is more disturbing. (sorry if I offended people rooting for these two pairings. Yes, I can see both happening, I just personally don't prefer them.)
  • [Jean-Paul aka Northstar/Kyle] I think they are super sweet x3 Not a die-hard fan for either of them, but would like to see them in fics via cameo.
  • [Jamie aka Multiple Man/Layla aka Butterfly] Same as above.
  • [Hank aka Beast/Abigail aka Agent Brand] Same as above.
  • [Madison aka Box/Danger] Same as above.
  • [Warren/Betsy] COULD HAVE EVOLVED into a power couple, but as Warren's now mind-wipe, I'm actually open to letting this couple go.
  • [Fantomex/Betsy] See, I hear alota bashing and see a lot giving the cold-shoulder for this one, idk, I CAN see it going somewhere, just not quite there yet, so I'm still open to it. Note that I simply used 'Fantomex' and not 'Jean-Phillippe, Cluster and Fantomex' is because I think it is with all three of the different brains that makes Fantomex unique and whole; for this couple to work, I'd actually like Betsy to embrace even the evil part of him. Okay so maybe that's a Rated R idea of foursome right there, but come on you get what I mean (I hope lol)? Just like Logan without the inner berserker rage and Emma without the sass, would just not quite be the same and would lose their characteristics.
  • [James aka Doctor Nemesis/Dr. Kavita Rao] I've seen a few super awesome fics for this rare couple, would love to see more.
  • [Remy/Anna Marie aka Rogue] Like alota fans, I'm at my limits and almost getting tired of the long drag, would love to see fics that fix the problem. But to be honest, this ship is actually sort of a "given" for me, kind of like [Warren/Betsy] or [Scott/Jean] ; it existed a long time that you just automatically think they belong to each other, but do they really? If no miracle happens, I'm actually borderline of not caring right now.
  • [Jay aka Icarus/Sooraya] One of the many sad non-couples that ended before actually begun. It was a good death and so well-written that it still has strong impact remaining, but since people come back to life all the time in Marvel, and although Jay hasn't been that important so the chances of him being back are quite slim, it still would be nice to see this pairing, even if it's just through mentioning.
  • [Julian/Laura] Okay crowds are wild for [HelliX]! On the contrary, I actually didn't think the relationship was quite there yet when it was officially cut off in canon; so I would like to finally see it going somewhere through fanfics.
  • [Mortimer aka Toad/Paige] Gawd I can picture people grossing out and virtually throwing eggs by seeing this suggestion. idk, although Paige was unstable and now proved to have no memory during their time together, I think it was actually a good example of 'dream come true', you know, people that are less gorgeous on the outside, possibly even with an almost grotesque appearance, can still have a happy-ending. I think breaking them up is actually somewhat cruel and sending the wrong message that ugly people just don't deserve it, and I don't believe that.
  • [Guido/Monet] Another non-couple that did not fully meet its potential and ended rather disater-ishly. I think it's because I'm a DIE-HARD BtVS Spike fan, I don't believe all being without souls equal evil, though that seems like Marvel's, more specifically X-Factor's, take as of now; which would seriously suck cuz I want a nice Kurt, and he's finally alive again just sans his soul! Are they gonna make him evil now? Sheesh. But yeah back to the pairing, I'd be super glad if there's a fic that has Guido working out his ruthless behavior caused by not having his soul, redeeming himself, and winning back Monet's heart. lol Cliche I know but one can dream!
  • [Santo/Cessily] Although I do enjoy the brother-sister relationship that wiki and all the other resources claimed it as (and nothing more), I would still like to see them having it grow into something more significant, well, in the romantic sense. It's kind of sad that although they are currently in the same school, they are not showing much interaction with each other in canon.
  • [Shan aka Karma/Her Girlfriend] Okay Shan is actually the first lesbian I know of in Marvel! Would like to see it being more explored. And yes I wrote 'her girlfriend', because obviously I don't know whether the said person has actually been an established character yet. Note that I used 'Shan' and not the BS supposed real name, is cuz well, I like to do homework thus I looked it up, and found out it was grammatically incorrect and false usage for Vietnamese. I just think that's a huge letdown and only shows how ignorant that they didn't even bother creating a realistic name for the character. I hope if someday Karma is featured in the movies or a new animated show, they can right the past wrong (cuz it's just plainly embarrassing, idk how the Vietnamese feel, but I know if there's finally a Taiwanese mutant in Marvel, and his/her Chinese name is unpronounceable/unwritable in the said language, I'd be super effing pissed.)
  • [Angelo/Jubilation] Another non-couple that ended with one's death. I think I'm actually seeing more [Everett/Jube] as pairing on this site? idk I still like the idea of this one though.
  • [Roberto/Amara] Non-couple, in which a specific one only shows signs of affection when the other(obviously in love) is in mortal danger. It sucked. Would love to see a fic that 'berto somewhat moves on and making Amara jealous xP Mean and again cliche I know, but I'm wistful.
  • [David Haller/Ruth] Gawd the idea was almost inconceivable for me in the beginning, yet it was so well-done that I now see them as meant-to-be. It was sad that (although again super well-written) David ridded himself of 616 as of now, but I'm hopeful that HE'LL BE BACK! Seriously, am I the only one pissed off of the future Xavier II, the supposed Chuck's grandson? David needs to come back and kick this evil baldy's ass. Big-hair v.s. no-hair, true-son against wtf-grandson, it'd be an epic showdown! But yeah anyways, Quentin once moved on to the higher plane and no longer physically existed in 616, and he got bored so he brought himself back. Man, David could totally do the same and unite with Ruth this time in every sense.
  • [Bobby aka Iceman/Lorna] Okay I know up there I said I'd like to see how he and Angelica would work out, but the truth is, I seriously don't know that much about Firestar, I just like the idea of fire and ice, so sue me. Anyways, this pairing was so painful, like Bobby was obviously the rebound and that really sucked. I know [Alex aka Havok/Lorna] is/was the big thing, but seriously, after all these years if it still doesn't work out, maybe it just weren't mean to? I don't believe people should continue a relationship just because they invested half their lives with it; if it weren't going to work, then you're just wasting even more time eventually. I also don't believe just because they went through a lot together, they should end up being an item; cuz in that case, the X-Men as a whole should just marry each and everyone, since they've all been through stuff as a group, right? No. Just like professional dancers and figure-skaters, the two individuals that work as a team can have perfect partnership, but they don't necessary have to actually be a couple in a romantic relationship. That's what I see when I see Alex and Lorna, and people just keep on shoving them together. I think through out recent years, Bobby did actually grow more mature, and would like to see if this time he has a better chance to rekindle with Lorna.
Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, maybe I missed some, we'll see.

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