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Monday, April 17, 2017

[Food in Books] The Valentine Quest (Love at the Chocolate Shop #5) - Melissa McClone

* Note:
In Ch. 4, Nevada and Dustin was tasked to make chocolate, but other than knowing how they failed the first two times, and some tips on what to avoid doing, there wasn't exactly anything specific mentioned about the chocolate they were making. The only known ingredient is chocolate itself, which is why I didn't list the whole ordeal below.
  • Ch. 1
    • Heart-shaped pies and cakes
    • The Valentine display of Copper Mountain Chocolates
      Molded heart-shaped chocolates on sticks, covered with cellophane, and tied with red and pink ribbons were arranged like flowers in a pretty red vase. Fancy heart-shaped boxes and white doilies held pyramids of gourmet chocolates. Shoppers would be enticed—or guilt tripped—into spending a fortune on their valentine.
    • Hot chocolate with swirled whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate shavings on top (made by Dakota)
  • Ch. 2
    • Beer
    • A bag of chips

Sunday, March 5, 2017

[Food in Books] The Devil's Feast (The Blake & Avery Mystery Series #3) - M.J. Carter

I almost feel like I'm spoiling too much, for there really are tons of food mentioned in this book. But then I feel like it wouldn't be fair if I didn't treat it the same as I did all my "list of food in books" posts, alas, you are in for a treat.

I feel obliged to mention that the text copyright obviously belongs to the great M.J. Carter, and DO READ THE BOOK, because not only is the food in it great, the actual plot is also very savory. I myself first read it through a digitized US ARC provided by NetGalley, then got the UK ebook, THEN ORDERED the UK HARDBACK. Don't say I didn't go out of my way to support it. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

  • Ch. 1
    • Three large oranges
    • A covered bowl of cooling but tasty stew
    • A pewter mug of beer
  • Ch. 2
    • What was brought to Avery when he had the private talk with Matty
      A large brown teapot, two cups, a plate of soft white bread and butter, another with slices of seed cake, and a saucer on which there were four tiny pairs of slightly crushed meringues pressed together with purple jam and a lick of whipped cream.
    • Descriptions of the meringue
      She watched as I placed a meringue in my mouth. It crumbled and vanished like a sugar cloud.

      ‘Chef calls them “a little piece of the divine”.’
  • Ch. 3
    • Champagne
    • A plate of chicken
    • A splendid jar of vivid green peas
    • The dinner, part 1 (the wine is white burgundy)
      Mr Percy, the steward, whom I had met earlier, arrived and poured the wine – a deep, transparent gold – into eleven small glasses. A waiter served each of us with a morsel of lobster in a buttery sauce flavoured very gently with Indian spices laid inside a small, crisp, layered pastry case or vol-au-vent. It was so light one almost inhaled it. The wine, scented with butter and honey, was gone all too soon.
    • The dinner, part 2
      How shall I describe it? Vivid, surprising, complicated, delicious. I had never tasted the like. We began with a soup of early asparagus, light yet intensely flavourful, then turbot in a delicate pink sauce of lobster roe, then a whole salmon trout, remarkably suspended in aspic as if at the moment just before it took the hook.

      Then the first of the ‘removes’ arrived: braised pigeons with asparagus and peas, and an extraordinary construction made of pastry in the shape of a crown, stuffed with small poached chickens which had in turn been stuffed with mushrooms, ox tongues and sweetbreads. Into the pastry crown’s sides had been stuck little golden skewers on which were strung slices of truffle and pink crayfish tails. We applauded wildly. Soyer described it as his little
      trompe l’œil, and said again that he was confident no one had ever seen anything like it and it would astonish the guests at the banquet.

      There was a small pause while we were entertained with hors d’œuvres – among them a fresh salad of celery, young onions and sliced radish, another of
      haricots verts, early green beans dressed in a warm brown butter, and tiny crab rissoles.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Food in Books] The Infidel Stain (The Blake & Avery Mystery Series #2) - M.J. Carter

  • Ch. 1
    • Stew with pieces of rotee
    • A steaming bowl of curry
  • Ch. 3
    • Bread
    • Cheese
    • Some wrinkled apples
    • Small beer
  • Ch. 4
    • Cress
    • Cup of hot coffee (bought by Avery for Matty)
    • Bread and butter (bought by Avery for Matty)
    • A ham sandwich
      It turned out to be a slab of grey flannel set between two slices of something not far off cardboard.
    • Claret
  • Ch. 5
    • A bowl of kitcheree

Monday, February 20, 2017

[Food in Books] Rosie's Little Café on the Riviera - Jennifer Bohnet

  • Ch. 2
    • Cheesy baguette
  • Ch. 3
    • Coffee
    • Champagne
    • Rosé
    • Café Fleur's opening night
      People were helping themselves to the plates of finger food laid out on the bar. Smoked salmon blinis, fois gras on crisp toast, slices of quiche, individual pissaladières and lots of bowls of nuts, crisps and peanuts were scattered around. For those with a sweet tooth there were tiny individual tartes abricots with rosettes of crème frêche piped on top, demitasse servings of chocolate mousse and a bowl of fruit salad.

      Tansy had placed the cheese board, with its selection of brie, roquefort, boursin and cantel on a separate table. And Rosie knew that, out in the kitchen, a cauldron of home-made parsley soup stood on the stove, ready to be heated at the end of the evening as people left.
    • Mackerel pate

Thursday, February 9, 2017

[Food in Books] Melt My Heart, Cowboy (Love at the Chocolate Shop #1) - C.J. Carmichael

  • Ch. 1
    • Cocoa peanut melts
      Instead she pointed out one of the delicate and dreamy confections her boss, Sage Carrigan, had handcrafted just that morning. “Rich dark chocolate, swirled with creamy peanut goodness… what’s not to love?”
    • Pink Himalayan Salted Chocolate Caramels (a box of twelve)
      (both from Copper Mountain Chocolate)
  • Ch. 2
    • Veggie pizza
    • Colas
      (both from Pizza Parlor)
  • Ch. 3
    • Dark chocolate truffles (made by Sage)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

[Food in Books] The Chocolate Cure (Love at the Chocolate Shop #4) - Roxanne Snopek

  • Ch. 1
    • Sparkling water with a slice of lime
    • Chocolate-drizzled martini (smells of cocoa and vanilla)
      (both from Grey’s Saloon)
    • Turkey bacon and grilled tomatoes (made by Joanie Cash-Henley)
    • Ginger ale (Grey’s Saloon)
  • Ch. 3
    • Dark chocolate covered salted caramels (Himalayan salted caramel?)
      "It's pretty amazing stuff. The richest, smoothest caramels, covered in dark chocolate, sprinkled with Pink Himalayan salt. It's my favorite. Just one bite, then."
      (Copper Mountain Chocolate)

Friday, February 3, 2017

[Food in Books] The Crooked Sixpence (The Uncommoners #1) - Jennifer Bell

  • Ch. 1
    • Mince pies (what Grandma Sylvie was making when she fell)
  • Ch. 17
    • Lemon meringue sky
      "Watch out!" he called, ducking his head and swatting at something. Ivy looked up and saw a meringue-topped piecrust bouncing through the air. "Don't tell me you eat stuff that moves now," Seb groaned. "Doesn't that give you indigestion?"
    • Bowls of cinnamon porridge and cereal
    • Racks of toast and tiny jars of jam
    • Muffins that sprouted fresh strawberries
    • Pots of honey that buzzed like a hive itself
    • Champagne glasses full of something green and sparkling
    • A dark bottle of something that appeared to be smoking

Thursday, January 26, 2017

[Food in Books] 鴨川食堂 - 柏井壽 (Kamogawa Shokudo - Hisashi Kashiwai)

Original Japanese title: 鴨川食堂
Traditional Chinese title: 鴨川食堂 (the edition I read)
  • 第一道 鍋燒烏龍麵
    • 流為窪山準備的『京都風味家常菜』
    • 流為窪山重現去世的妻子的鍋燒烏龍麵
    • 『雪中梅』(酒)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

[Food in Books] 虹の岬の喫茶店 - 森沢明夫 (Niji no Misaki no Kissaten - Akio Morisawa)

Original Japanese title: 虹の岬の喫茶店
Traditional Chinese title: 守候彩虹的海岬咖啡屋 (the edition I read)
  • 第一章 《春》 奇妙的恩典(Amazing Grace)
    • 咖啡
    • 去年一家三口去壽司店慶祝賣出陶藝作品賺了一筆小錢
    • 肉桂糖霜法國吐司(撒了肉桂粉和淋了楓糖漿
    • 霜淇淋
    • 在便利商店買的東西
    • 三明治
    • 海岬咖啡屋有賣:
    • 悅子請希美的自製香蕉冰淇淋

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[Food in Books] ランチのアッコちゃん - 柚木麻子 (Lunch no Akko-chan - Asako Yuzuki)

Original Japanese title: ランチのアッコちゃん
Traditional Chinese title: 午餐的敦子 (the edition I read)
  • 第一話 敦子小姐的午餐
    • 三智子給敦子的便當(最初的星期五)
    • 三智子給敦子的便當(星期一)
    • 三智子替敦子吃的午餐(星期一) 咖哩專賣店 俾斯麥
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